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Maybe I’ll always begin the West Coast Report with welcome to the whatever number we’re up to so if anyone would like to question me on something I said in a past edition it will be a lot easier to locate. Say for instance if someone was the lucky winner of a West Coast Eastwood free invisible frog, and now they wanted to know which issue it was that carried all of the necessary health warnings associated with a West Coast Eastwood free invisible frog.

That said, welcome to the third edition of West Coast Eastwood. I think I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about something I know absolutely nothing about, but somehow feel qualified to do a spiel on the subject. It’s all the hubbub surrounding Lance Armstrong these days that got me to pondering it. I think where this is all going to end up is every sport will adopt uniforms like NASCAR drivers wear with sponsorship logos emblazoned from head-to-toe. I think the idea would open up athletes being able to chug down their sponsors supercharged energy drinks, or use prescription drugs the same way race cars burn its sponsors special blend of a specific brand of racing fuel. Of course now that I think about it most of the main sponsors plastered on race cars have little to do with a mechanical part, or chemical that contributed to the car winning a race. I wonder if the marketing people for Viagra ever approached NASCAR short track legend Dick Trickle to do an endorsement? A look at the less prominent logos reveals contingency award sponsors are mostly parts companies like ARP, Holley, Hurst, etc… Coors beer once offered a contingency award, but I think you couldn’t claim it until after the race. Mothers against drunk race car drivers?

This is only the third West Coast Report I’ve written and I imagine WCE followers have already noticed Eastwood allows me a tremendous amount of editorial freedom when it comes to the subject I choose to write about. I’m pleased to point out Eastwood extends the freedom to say what one wants and not be censored to all of its customers in its open forums. The first time I went on an Eastwood forum, I was kind of surprised to find even the person with a not so kind product review was allowed to speak their peace without censorship. It was also kind of neat to read other customers replies to the person with an even keeled response to the person stating maybe they hadn’t used the product properly, with tips how to correct the problem.

Speaking of reviews check out what seven different Eastwood customers had to say about this product. She won’t stay down, I’m not a very good K-9 trainer, my dog Ruby loves to sleep in the sun on the roofs of my ’64 Chrysler 300K, and ’69 Buick Riviera. There’s a million deep scratches where her big feet slide up and down the windshield and rear glass when she leaps from car-to-car. For an upcoming tech I ordered an Eastwood #12526 Pro Glass Polishing Kit for Deep Scratches. I remember many years ago when I owned my first car, a ’57 Chevy Bel-Air, my dad told me about this process. Windshield scratches can be polished out, but it has to be done with a fine touch, so as not to distort the optics. (note to brain: find out optimum RPM for polishing windshield glass) Until next week, keep your fingers out of the grinding wheel.

—   John Gilbert



CPP’s 1st Annual Truck Show & Cruise

Here’s a few flicks I shot at Classic Performance Products 1st Annual Truck Show & Cruise that was held March12, 2011. I wasn’t there to gather coverage for any of the truck magazines, but rather checkout what trucks showed up, and meet up with a lot of my friends that live outside the OC area. Since we’re on the subject of CPP, I should mention to the local guys that like to shop direct in the showroom don’t go to the Anaheim location on 175 East Freedom Street because as of February 4, 2013 CPP is located at 378 Orangethorpe Ave. Placentia, CA. 92870.

I wish CPP had moved to Placentia back when Custom Classic Trucks editorial offices were still at 774 So. Placentia, in Placentia, it would have been a little quicker for me to drop by and shoot a tech feature. (note to brain: that was a dumb comment, considering I’ve driven to Tennessee, and much further to shoot tech features)

For those early birds that liked to pig out on great breakfast fixin’s such as Starbucks coffee, and baked goodies from the incredibly delicious Polly’s Pies, CPP had a big ol’ spread, and it was all free!

It’s going to be real interesting to tour CPP’s new manufacturing facility. CPP expanded operations numerous times picking up 10,000 square-feet at a time while the company was located in Anaheim. Updates to follow.


Find it near Fallon Nevada

Horizontal-vertical-horizontal —vertical-vertical, I just kept shooting flicks of this big old steam shovel before a big ugly dog was going to make a meal out of me if I didn’t run for cover. Because I’ve got a dog now, and used to have five dogs at one time I always carry a Dog Whisperer starter kit in the cab of my truck (box of Milk Bone dog cookies). Unfortunately my trusty ’05 GMC was parked about a mile down the road from where I found this steam shovel. Even if a guy did all the work himself it’d take big dough, plus a giant sized gantry to restore this beast. Who knows maybe there’s a guy reading this that can do whatever it takes to bring this old girl back to her former beauty. If so she’s rusting near a slough just off of Highway 50 near Fallon, Nevada. If you’re serious I’m sure I could find it again. Don’t forget to bring a big box of Milk Bones, and your best running shoes.


Know this ‘57’s Owner?

Hey does anyone know the owner of this super bad Tropical Turquoise ’57 Chevy panel? The truck is from the Reno, Nevada area, I shot it in 2008 while I was the editor of Custom Classic Trucks. I was in town for Hot August Nights and shot this truck along with a red Cameo Carrier that made the cover of CCT. It has always bugged me that this truck didn’t make it.

The dealio is I somehow managed to lose the tech sheet, or maybe I didn’t get it back from the owner… hey, it happens. Anyways here’s the images, I hope you guys dig it, and maybe we can locate the owner.

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