West Coast Report 39th Edition By John Gilbert

Straight-Pipe Drone Strike Eliminator  — Automobiliacs Across California


WCE-39-REPORT-00Howdy, welcome to West Coast Eastwood’s 39th edition of the West Coast Report. Did you know that a straight-pipe drone strike has nothing to do with radio controlled model airplanes capable of delivering death from above? It’s not a controversial subject at all, come to find out straight-pipe drone is that irritating echoing in your brain caused by erratic acoustic waveforms emanating from your vehicle’s exhaust system.  Continued exposure can lead to a sudden onset of an explosive headache, or even worse cause you to yell at your dog. This pesky phenomenon is not quite as bad as a subarachnoid hemorrhage, but its bad all the same. So what can you, the afflicted motorist do? The solution lies just a click away its called Eastwood Thermo-Coustic Barrier, and if you’d like to read all about how to install it please keep an eye peeled for my article in the June 2014 issue of Classic Trucks, or check it out at www.ClassicTrucks.com.

WCE-39-REPORT-01Just when it looked like the world was safe from scarf wearing Irish Setters riding in Jeeps an old 356 Porsche shows up with a St. Bernard wearing sunglasses… damn yuppies.

WCE-39-REPORT-02I found this 1965 Honda Sport 65 for sale at the Turlock swap meet in Central California last October 6. A recovering gearhead hoarder, I was afraid to ask how much the seller wanted.

WCE-39-REPORT-03I believe this is a ’54 Corvette. Its sitting in a private collection in Huntington Beach, California,  just mere blocks from the world headquarters of Mothers Wax & Polishes. Not a bad sign collection either, huh?

WCE-39-REPORT-04Again at the Turlock swap meet this 1939 Evinrude Scout would be a fun project to restore. A little known fact; Ole Evinrude liked to bake fishsticks while prototyping prop designs on his Bridgeport mill.

WCE-39-REPORT-05Google the Gilmore gas station at the corner of Highland and Willoughby in Hollywood, and you’ll learn that not everything in LA gets torn down… Its still there right?

WCE-39-REPORT-06Not to be confused with Ole Evinrude a Google search doesn’t bring up the Ole Guy’s Shop.

WCE-39-REPORT-07The two images preceding display a more faithful lush depiction of Tacoma Crème the tasty yellow hue on these Model A wheels.

WCE-39-REPORT-08I think anyone that’s into old cars has a jack collection.

WCE-39-REPORT-09Once again at Turlock this seller had a pretty good selection of neat stuff, and wasn’t motivated by greed, his prices were very fair.

WCE-39-REPORT-10Blow up this image and you’ll see the Chase Chevrolet license plate frame from Stockton. I remembered a friend has a ’65 Chevy C10 pickup that was sold new at Chase (verified by the build sheet) so I bought it for him.

WCE-39-REPORT-11Mobiloil, made from fermented gargoyle guts and all things petrochemical minded folk worship and adore.

WCE-39-REPORT-12This young feller had just returned from the great spectacle that was the Lambrecht Chevrolet auto auction in Pierce, Nebraska. He wanted $10,500 for the white ’59 Chevy wagon behind him, and specified “serious buyers only.”

WCE-39-REPORT-13Victor cork gaskets. Its been said soaking cork gaskets in water can revitalize a supple richness.

WCE-39-REPORT-14Better than trying to utilize NOS cork gaskets from way back in the last century Best Gaskets of Santa Fe Springs, California manufactures a complete line of hard to find applications.  www.Vintagegasket.com

WCE-39-REPORT-15I’m guessing somewhere in Texas there’s a cow farmer wondering where his sign went.

WCE-39-REPORT-16The builder of this veteran era wannabe motorcycle did a fair decent job of making a bicycle look like an old Harley-Davidson.

WCE-39-REPORT-17The license plate man, he does all he can to help California folk find the perfect plate to give their ride an authentic look.

WCE-39-REPORT-18If you’ve had Chicken Pox the Shingles virus is already inside you. Eating yolk free eggs will not slow the dreaded affliction down.

WCE-39-REPORT-19Identifiable by no trace of a ¼-20 bolt ever creasing a circular burrow into its hole these year tags are positively “new old stock.”

WCE-39-REPORT-20The British “operation light foot” a sick joke if there ever was one referred to sweeping for German landmines in the North Africa campaign. That’s a semi-quote from the Military Channel.

WCE-39-REPORT-21There’s always the chance that I’m wrong, but I’d say this industrial style gasoline pump never saw a drop of Ethyl in its life.

WCE-39-REPORT-22Oh look my girlfriend just brought me my favorite breakfast treat. The fork and plate are from my childhood home… that’s right I cling to the past.

WCE-39-REPORT-23If indeed this Harley-Davidson “garbage wagon” is a ’66 year model the fuel petcock is on the right side tank. In 1967 the DC-12 Linkert was replaced on Shovelheads with a Tillotson diaphragm type carburetor.

WCE-39-REPORT-24A great sign collection and a real nice resto-mod style ’55 Chevy Bel-Air two-door hardtop. Notice it has tubular lower control arms.

WCE-39-REPORT-25This is an artistic shot brought to you free by the good folks at Eastwood.

WCE-39-REPORT-26From the automobilia collection on display at the Petersen Museum in LA. That’s right us Angelinos call Los Angeles, LA. Just look at any Dodger hat.

WCE-39-REPORT-27Next to the ’55 Chevy a first year Goat. 1964 Pontiac GTO convertible with resto-mod style chrome wheels.

WCE-39-REPORT-28Yikes, another view of the ’64 Pontiac GTO, and now a ’65 Pontiac GTO convertible is in view. Elephant grass, just ask Alice.

WCE-39-REPORT-29Note the grille shell on this 1921 White Atlantic Oil Co. tanker is shaped similarly to a Packard’s distinctive design. Was it a trademark infringement, ask the folks at Jeep.

WCE-39-REPORT-30These two old gravity pumps make gasoline look like it was good enough to drink. I don’t know what you would call the third pump.

WCE-39-REPORT-31Atlantic became Atlantic Richfield, and that became ARCO.

WCE-39-REPORT-32Isn’t that an interesting Art-Deco detail on the Richfield pump.

WCE-39-REPORT-33Remember when the guys at American Restoration restored this 10-foot tall Pep-Boys statue? Here it is at the Petersen. Checkout Manny’s distinctive “toothbrush” mustache with flipped ends, and note the cigar missing since 1990 is now back… as it should be.

WCE-39-REPORT-34If you don’t have the room to restore an automobile how about doing a gas pump? Everything needed to refinish an automobile can be used to restore a pump.

WCE-39-REPORT-35An unimaginable vastness of good memories. Isn’t funny how the passing of time can turn the dated look of this boxy ARCO pump into a piece of nostalgia. Think that ARCO EC-X pump looks sinister, Google EC-X, and MTBE to find out.

WCE-39-REPORT-36The ears aren’t as pointy as the original, but the Petersen’s recreation of the Pup Café adds a great touch of full scale nostalgia to the museum’s streetscape. That’s it for this week, next week we’ll celebrate the 40th edition of the West Coast Report in honor of the Pup Café by eating Vanilla ice cream with a Tamale on top… Think I’m kidding?

— John Gilbert


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