West Coast Report — 10th Edition: By John Gilbert

Have Coffee –Will Travel

Welcome to the 10th edition of West Coast Eastwood’s West Coast Report. Gee, it seems like only nine editions ago that I first started writing this report. Wow how time really flies when you’re trying to get something done before the next week rolls around. Take for example the chopper project that I’m building in my home living room that I’ve ingeniously converted into the working set for House of Choppers. I’m not sure why, but ingenious isn’t exactly the word my girlfriend uses, its something more like idiotic. Anyways, you say you haven’t seen any progress from the House of Choppers? Well, that’s kind of because I’ve been doing some other things. Some of the things are fun stuff, and the others are just the same crap we all have to do to survive in 21st Century civilization.

Give two good reasons: There is a movement originating in the Middle East to move society back into the 18th Century, but I wouldn’t touch that subject with Salman Rushdie’s Smith-Corona typewriter turret-mounted in the bunk section of a ‘72 Winnebago Warrior… although I wouldn’t mind owning a mint condition Mini-Winnebago Warrior. I’d drink lots of coffee, and drive cross-country.

  — John Gilbert


2013 Fabulous Fords Forever!

There’s an annual tradition around “Boss” Bob’s Garage every April, and that’s rolling up to Knott’s Berry Farm for Fabulous Fords Forever! Now in its 28th year the event is the largest, and absolute best Ford family reunion on the West Coast, maybe in the whole world. Good vibes, as one can tell the demographics of FFF! are as diverse as a an event can be, and everyone is welcome. Here’s some flicks of us getting 14 of Bob’s Fords all lined up and heading to Buena Park for the day.

“Boss” Bob got his nickname because he has a habit of collecting not only factory equipped Boss motored cars, but likes to stuff Boss motors into subjects like this ’56 Ford Big-Window pickup. Google Custom Classic Trucks Boss Window 56 Ford Bob Wells to view the complete Custom Classic Trucks article.

Man, who doesn’t love an old Buick laid out low and in jet black? The only non Ford in Bob’s collection is this ’56 Buick Century powered by a ’65 Riviera 425-inch nailhead with a TH400. Watch for an upcoming WCE exclusive feature. This car has never been featured in any magazine. Not Street Rodder, not Rod & Custom, Hot Rod, or any of the other great car mags. There was a ’55 Buick with a Chevy engine, and Chrysler taillights in Street Rodder once. I think it had seats out of a Lexus. The interior in Bob’s ’56 Century is from the ’65 Riviera the engine came out of… Hence its nickname the ’65-56.

Bob’s 14 cars in line, and Knott’s Berry Farm rides in the background.

This ’57 Ford retractable top in red and white kind of looks a giant Marlboro pack, huh?

Checkout how nice this Raven Black ’62 T-bird looks. Note the fiberglass tonneau cover effectively turns this four-seater into a two-seat roadster.

This 1956 Ford “Glass-top” Crown Victoria was the top of the line for enclosed cars that year. Note the giant stainless steel spats fore and aft of the wheel wells. Standard ’56 Ford spats were much smaller. Note the T-bird emblem on the front fenders indicates the 312-inch T-bird engine option is under this hood.

54 Glass-top Vicky

’64 Lincoln Regal Turquoise

The tall feller with his arms crossed is Steve Dragus. Steve, and I were good friends during Jr. high, and high school. We’ve just recently met up again. Steve was a hardcore Ford guy way back then, and is to this very day. The guy in the blue shirt hanging onto the pole is Steve’s friend Larry Knapp.

Larry Knapp has owned, and raced this Raven Black A/FX Mustang since it was brand-new.

Look closely, in the next photo there’s going to be a dog.

See, I told you there’d be a dog.

See that bright Ford blue umbrella? Those umbrellas were given to each and every person that entered their car into the show. I gave mine to my girlfriend, she loves it. And what’s funny is it rained like crazy just a few weeks later in So Cal.

The image of this Lambo-doored late F-series blown up to full screen takes on the appearance of an abstract-expressionist painting… Try it, I’m not kidding.

Some speculated the wheels on this Lincoln Continental convert were taken from an 1889 Studebaker stagecoach, and then chrome plated.

It’s not often one sees as ’60 Merc wagon, let alone a tasty customized version.

This was the 3rd year I drove Bob’s ’70 Torino to FFF!. It’s powered by a super-strong running 351-Cleveland backed with a 5-speed tranny. As one gets closer to Hollywood, the word tranny takes on a whole new meaning. In Canada the expression is gearbox.


  1. Hey folks,

    For some reason not all of the photos taken at Fabulous Fords Forever got posted in WCE 10. So, I’m going to include everything that was left out in WCE 11.

    Thank you,

    John G.

  2. West Coast Eastwood’s West Coast Report 11 coming to a computer, or other such devise near you soon. How soon? I dunno.


    John G.

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