Versa Cut 60, the powerhouse plasma cutter!!

If you’re like me and generally want to purchase the biggest and best of everything look no further than the Eastwood Versa Cut 60 when in the market for a plasma cutter.    You’ll be able to power through metals as thick as 7/8 of an inch with this unit.  Best of all you won’t need to drag out those old, slow, dirty oxy acetylene torches.

The specs of a unit are very important so I’ll cover them first.   The inverter in this unit will require 209-240v in order to operate properly.   The nice part about an inverter is the ability to either run off of home power plugged into the wall or out on the field on a generator.    Just make sure you size the generator to allow the machine to operate all the way up to max power.   A 12,000 watt running wattage generator will give you this power.    Now I have covered what the maximum cutting thickness is but also want to say that if you dial the amperage down you can also neatly cut metals as thin as 24 gauge.   This is easily controled with the amperage knob located right on the face of the machine.   Before I forget we also have one more very important spec when it comes to cutting,  this unit has a huge 60% duty cycle even at full 60 amp cutting power.   This means you can cut for up to 6 minutes straight before you need to let the unit cool for four minutes.  It’s almost impossible to hold the trigger and actively cut for 6 minutes as each time you stop cutting to reset the work piece the machine is cooling.  Pretty much as a home user it will be impossible to hit the duty cycle.

Versa Cut 60 Plasma Cutter Eastwood

Consumable are super simple to change out and we even offer a Consumable kit which gives you everything you could need to rebuild the torch.   As you can see in the picture above there are very few pieces to change out.  We use high quality Trafimet consumables in all our Plasma cutters to ensure the cleanest cuts and the longest life out of each part.  As long as you keep these changed out you’ll have years of reliable service from this amazing plasma cutter.   Speaking of consumables you may have heard the term “Drag tip”.   This refers to the cutting tip which can be drug directly on the metal as you cut.   All our consumables for this and our Versa Cut 40 are drag tip.   Though one feature of this unit is we have wire guides which snap directly on the external nozzle.  These help hold the torch an ideal distance from the part to 1. allow you to see the cut better and 2. extend the life of the consumables even longer.

We hope this article helps you decide on your next metal cutting purchase by inspiring you to pick up a plasma cutter.



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