TIG welder Gas Lens kit!!

Once you have begun to master your TIG welder you might find yourself wanting a little bit more flexibility.  Our Gas lens kit will help you achieve just that by reducing gas turbulence of the gas over the weld pool.  A standard TIG welding torch relies on 4 holes drilled into the collet body to flow shielding gas.  As you can see in the picture above this tends to lead to inconstant shielding gas flows.  Before I go to far though don’t fear your welds will suffer with the stock set up.  As long as the tungsten is kept at the proper stick out you would be fine with the torch components.  There will be times in which it is very difficult to get a weld in a deep weld joint.  Traditionally tungsten stick out should approximately match the diameter of the gas shielding cup being used.   With the more steady shielding gas flow of a gas lens kit you can actually pull your tungsten out further than normal and bump the shielding gas flow rate up, still getting proper coverage for a strong weld.

                TIG Welding #10/12 Gas Lens Cup Kit

We offer two different kits to to fill your exact needs.  The first kit will have number 6 and number 8 cups  and the large kit contains 10 and 12 cups .   Either of these kits will fit 17,18, and 26 style torches.  So even if you don’t own an Eastwood Welder chances are our kit can still up your game.   Now let’s get welding, who’s with me?





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