MIG welder with spool gun

Eastwood 175 Amp Mig Welder with spool gun

If you’re looking for an all around amazing welder look no further than our Eastwood MIG 175.  This unit has the ability to run flux core and solid core welding wires for welding steel and stainless steel and even comes with an included spool gun for aluminum welding.

I’ll start off covering standard MIG welding with this machine.  The most commonly used welding wire with this machine will be solid core wire which requires a shielding gas.  This will give the cleanest weld possible with the least amount of cleanup after you finish welding.   We include everything you will need to start welding with shielding gas except the bottle of gas its self.  This can easily be picked up at just about any local gas supply company.   You’ll want to used a blend of 75% argon/ 25% Co2 when welding on steel.  Some places will only have 80/20 gas blend which will also work very well.  Now that we have covered the type of shielding gas let’s talk about wire sizes and metal thicknesses this unit can weld.   Wire sizes this unit can run are from .023 ,which is really good for thin sheet metal repairs, up to .035 for thick 1/4″ thick metals in a single pass.  If you were to choose to run flux cored wire in our 175, the sizes which can be run are .030-.035.  Now since flux burns a bit hotter you’ll be able to weld up to 5/16 in a single pass with .035 flux wire.

Aluminum Welding Spool Gun


Spool gun welding is reserved for aluminum welding due to the very soft wire.  If you were to attempt to run aluminum welding wire through the stock torch you’ll wind up bunching the wire as soon as it hits any resistance.   By using the included spool gun you actually have a torch with the spool of wire mounted right on it.  This creates a direct path in which the softer aluminum wire only has to travel in a perfectly straight line for approximately 8 inches before it is already off and welding.  We have had guys build aluminum fishing boats from scratch with our MIG 175, so you know the possibilities are endless with creativity.  If aluminum is what you’ll be welding keep in mind the shielding gas must change to 100% argon to properly shield the weld.  When in aluminum mode the max thickness able to be welded is 1/4 inch.

If you’re in the market for a MIG welder with great options and durability look no further than our MIG 175 which is backed by our 3 year warranty and rugged internals.  Check out this great picture of it’s all metal drive motor assembly.

MIG 175 Precision Drive Motor

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