How a Tungsten Grinder aids in TIG welding!!

Eastwood Tungsten Grinder

Keeping a consistent arc while TIG welding is very important for a clean strong weld.  Nothing is worse then accidentally dipping the tungsten into the weld puddle and continuing the weld, even though most of us are guilty of this more than once.   We try and tell ourselves it will be okay to save us from having to crawl out from your current welding position to go over to the bench grinder.  Now with the Eastwood Tungsten Grinder you won’t even have to leave your welding position to fix a tungsten.  There may be other units on the market, but none as feature rich and still affordable.  Our handy unit plugs into 110v and can sit right next to you while welding.

Eastwood Tungsten Grinder                                                                    Eastwood Tungsten Grinder

Looking at the head of the grinder you’ll see six slots, four of which go all the way down to the grinding wheel and two that terminate early. Of these six grooves 3 are sized for 1/16″ tungsten and the others are for 3/32″.   The two which appear not to go anywhere (Left Picture) allow the user to break off the contaminated tungsten, again saving you from getting up.   The next four are designated to the actual tungsten grinding in two different angles.   Choose between 10 and 22.5 degrees depending on what type of point you would like.   10 degree angled tungsten will give you a more focused arc for tighter welds.


I have saved the most important reason for a Tungsten Grinder for last.  As you can see in our picture the steps taken to sharpen two different tungsten along with the results of the arc.  When using a bench grinder it becomes nearly impossible to sharpen with straight “scratches”.   The right side middle picture shows how perfectly the tungsten can be ground in our grinder.  Finally the bottom two pictures are the actual arc produced with each type of grind.  Keeping a straight non wandering arc is much easier with our Tungsten grinder.   Since nobody wants a wandering, inconsistent arc all you need is our grinder.  We hope this helps you in your next welding accessory purchase from 



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