What Is Welding?

If you enjoy working in the automotive world, on DIY car, truck or motorcycle projects, you will need to learn how to weld at some point. Welding is the process of joining metal surfaces together by melting the parts, then using a filler metal material to form a joint. Welding used to be performed with a forge and hammer, but since the invention of electricity, welding has evolved and become much easier for a multitude of different people to accomplish.

There are four primary types of modern welding today: arc welding, gas welding, resistance welding and energy beam welding. Arc welding is performed with the use of a manually operated welder, which is powered by an electrical current. Gas welding is used primarily for high-density plastics and minor metal repair work, particularly that which involves pipes and tubing. Resistance welding uses additional sheets of metal to encase the two pieces that are to be welded together. Energy beam welding is the newest method which uses a laser beam to heat and combine pieces of metal together. In the automotive world, arc welding is the type of welding used almost exclusively for all metalwork.

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