What Is the Proper Mixing Ratio for a Urethane Basecoat?

When painting any surface of a vehicle using a urethane basecoat, it is important to know how to correctly mix the paint in order to achieve the best results. In order to mix the urethane basecoat correctly, you will need the following supplies: urethane basecoat, urethane activator, reducer solution (recommended). Once you have each of these supplies, its time to mix them together following the correct ratio.

The correct ratio for mixing a urethane basecoat is four parts urethane basecoat to one part urethane activator. You should use fast urethane activator for small paint jobs or in environments below 75 degrees. Use medium urethane activator also for small paint jobs or in environments between 70 and 85 degrees. Use slow urethane activator for larger paint jobs or in environments above 80 degrees. It is important to keep in mind such factors as humidity, air flow and total film thickness, which is why often times it is recommended to add 10% to 20% of reducer to your mix. This will make your spray, flow and leveling much easier and consistent. The pot life for this urethane basecoat mix is about two hours in an environment of 70 degrees.

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