What Is “Dirty Power” and How Do I Remedy It?

When you are arc welding, “dirty power” can sometimes occur. “Dirty power” refers to when there are unintentional voltage fluctuations which in turn upset the arc stability and overall weld quality. This can occur from power spikes, brownouts, or when there are too many people in the vicinity using the same power line. This can wreak havoc on welding jobs if there are too many fluctuations in power. A good weld needs a good consistent power source.

In order to combat “dirty power,” there are thankfully line voltage compensation devices that come with many modern-made arc welders. One of these devices can curb a voltage fluctuation’s influence on the stream of power that a welder is using, making the weld smooth and undisturbed. Other similar devices make sure that the primary power that is feeding these welders does not exceed an unstable voltage amount that could cause a fluctuation. These devices take primary power, convert it into buss voltage, then uses the buss voltage to drive the internal control mechanism of the welder. So when you are shopping around for an arc welder, make sure it has some kind of voltage control system to avoid a “dirty power” situation.

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