Types of Weld Joints

A weld joint is a corner or an edge of metal where two different pieces of metal have been welded together. There are several different kinds of weld joints you can make that serve a variety of purposes, depending on what you need them for. Below we take a look at each type of weld joint and how they are arranged.

The 6 Types of Weld Joints

There are six main kinds of weld joints that are commonly used in automotive work. Each joint piece can serve a number of different purposes based on their shape and where on a vehicle they are to be placed. The six types of weld joints are listed as follows:

  • Butt Weld – A butt weld is a type of joint between two edges of different metal pieces that are lying in the same direction, like the binding of an open book.
  • Corner Weld – A corner weld is a joint between two edges of metal pieces that meet at a perpendicular (90 degree) angle.
  • Edge Weld – An edge weld is a joint between two pieces of metal where the edges are being joined together (one piece directly to the side of the other).
  • Lap Weld – A lab weld is a joint between two pieces that are overlapping one another.
  • Tee Weld – A tee weld is a joint between two pieces of metal where one piece’s edge is perpendicular to the surface of the other (not connected by corners).
  • Plug Weld – A plug weld is a joint that connects two overlapping pieces together by filling in a hole, or holes, that was/were punched into the top piece.

Now that you know all of the different types of weld joints, you can use any one of them for your own automotive welding projects.

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