How Do I Prepare a Chassis for Painting?

When you decide to paint your vehicle’s chassis, you must know how to properly prepare the area for painting. To prepare your chassis, the first thing to do is gather your materials, which include: a PRE paint solution, electric sander, stripper or blaster, lint-free hand towels, and some epoxy primer. Using an epoxy primer will yield the best results when painting your chassis. Once you acquire all the tools you need, the preparation process is straightforward.

The first step in prepping your vehicle’s chassis is to clean the entire surface with your PRE and a hand towel. This will remove any grease, tar, wax, road grime, silicone, buffing compound and any other contaminants that may remain on the surface. After the surface is dry, sand, strip or blast paint the surface to expose the bare metal underneath and to remove any existing traces of rust. After exposing the bare metal, reapply PRE to the chassis and dry it with a clean, lint-free hand towel. If you are applying an epoxy primer, apply two medium wet coats, waiting 30 minutes between each coat.Now you have successfully prepped the surface of your vehicle for polyurethane paint. Between 60 minutes and four days since the last coat is applied, the surface of the epoxy primer needs to be sanded and wiped down before applying your chassis topcoat.

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