How To Use A Bench Grinder

A bench grinder is a very useful tool that is designed for grinding, cutting or shaping metals, particularly tools like blades, chisels and other workshop equipment. The machine can also be used to sharpen metal edges and get rid of small burrs on the surface. Below, you will find instructions on how a bench grinder is commonly used.

Step #1: Bench Grinder Safety

Before using a bench grinder, it is important to make sure your work environment is safe. First, make sure that the grinder is tightly secured on your workbench. Next, check that the tool rest is securely in place on the grinder. The tool rest is where your metal object rests as you grind it. It should be placed so that there is a 1/8 inch space in between it and the grinding wheel. Make sure the area around the grinder is free and clear of debris to give you plenty of room to grind your materials. If your bench grinder doesn’t have an additional wet grinder wheel, be sure to fill up a bucket of water and have it handy to cool off any metal after you grind it. Always make sure to put on the appropriate safety gear prior to using the grinder like safety goggles, close-toed shoes, and ear plugs. Once you turn on the bench grinder, make sure you wait until the wheel reaches its maximum speed before grinding.

When you are working a piece of metal, make sure you are directly in front of the grinder and that you are holding the metal tightly in both of your hands. Place the piece of metal on the tool rest and slowly push the just the edge of the piece towards the grinder. Avoid contact with the edges of the grinder at all times. To cool the metal off after grinding a piece, simply dip it into your bucket of water, and keep your face away to avoid a steam burn.

Step #2: Using a Bench Grinder

There are several different uses for a bench grinder, one of which is to grind a piece off of some metal. To do this, move the metal with the piece you want to grind down back and forth across the grinder wheel until the chunk of unwanted metal is gone. Be sure not to simply hold the metal in one place as your grinding because the metal can get to hot and damage the piece. You can also use a bench grinder to cut through a metal piece by holding the metal piece on the tool rest and turn it gently until the grinder is in contact with the spot you want to cut. Continue turning the piece until it breaks in half, making sure you are holding each end in the process.

To shape a metal piece, touch the metal to the grinder at the spot you want to shape. Use a concentrated back and forth motion here until the metal turns orange with heat. Take the piece away from the grinder and use both hands to bend the metal to the shape you want. Once you’re finished, dip the piece into water for cooling. Lastly, you can use a bench grinder to sharpen a metal blade. Place the metal on the tool rest, and securely hold each end with both hands. Slowly push the metal blade into the grinder while keeping a slight higher or lower angle so that the grinder can sharpen both edges. Continue a forward and backward motion, moving the blade across the bench grinder to prevent the metal from overheating.

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