How to Use a Propane Torch

Propane torches are fantastic tools that are widely used in the automotive industry. These torches have stainless steel flame tubes made for rugged use and long-lasting ability, providing a soft, dispersed flame that is ideal for body solder and plastic forming jobs. Below, you will learn how to properly use a propane torch for your automotive needs.

Taking Precautions

Before using a propane torch, it is important to consider the following warnings:

  • These torches are used with either pressured flammable propane or MAPP gas. The gas should always be kept away from flames and not exposed to prolonged sunlight or temperatures above 100° Fahrenheit.
  • Follow each and every gas cylinder manufacturer’s directions when you are attaching the torch unit to the cylinder.
  • Always wear protective eye gear and flame-resistant gloves when operating the torch.
  • Never let your flesh or any flammable surfaces come in contact with an open flame. After using the torch, place it upright on a non-flammable surface, and allow it to cool down for five full minutes before storing it away.
  • Be careful never to drop the torch, as it could damage the flame tube or regulator.
  • Wear a face mask to avoid breathing in potentially harmful fumes generated from soldering or other heating procedures.
  • Never use the torch in a confined area or in windy conditions. Make sure the area is well-ventilated before use.
  • Never use the torch as a cigarette lighter.

Once each of these issues have been addressed, it is time to set up and operate your propane torch for use.

Set Up and Basic Operation

Acquire a one pound cylinder of propane or MAPP gas fuel. Make sure the regulator or flame control knob is securely closed, fully read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions on the gas cylinder, and attach the cylinder to the torch in a well-ventilated area. To ignite the torch once the gas cylinder is connected, open the regulator/flame control knob about halfway in a counter-clockwise direction. Then quickly push in the ignition button to ignite the flame. Keep rotating the regulator/flame control knob in the same direction to achieve a soft, blue flame with even dispersal. If a jagged orange flame appears, the valve is open too far; rotating the knob in a clockwise direction will reduce the gas output and calm the flame. Once the optimum soft, blue flame is achieved, the torch is ready for use.

To shut off the torch, simply rotate the regulator/flame control knob in a clockwise direction. This will shut off the fuel supply and extinguish the flame. After turning off the torch, place it on a non-flammable surface, and allow it too cool for five minutes before storing it in a dry, safe place.

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    I dont know if you will know this BUTback in the early 1990’s weller or turner made this excellent torch that was refillable had a self igniter peizo button on the side and was small but robust. And then it just dissapeared off the shelves when bernz-o-matic bought weller. I understand they probably didnt want a superior product on the market BUT i can’t even find an article or technical specification or record of the damn thing anywhere. I still own one so i can look right at one but i can’t even try to find other ones used or unused for parts. These things were so awsome it is shame corporate greed suppresses things like this. Anyhow “Any” information you can dig up or have about these awsome little torches would be appreciated.

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