How Can I Control Burn Through?

When you are welding two pieces of metal together, usually sheet metal or another thin gauge metal, you may experience a burn through. A burn through is when you burn through both pieces of metal that you are welding, creating a hole or gap which dismantles the weld. A burn through can be caused by high voltage, which creates too much heat in the weld zone causing over-penetration. It can also be caused by a fast wire speed or slow gun travel, meaning that you are not moving the welder quickly enough across the area you are trying to weld.

Thankfully, however, there are simple solutions to these problems in order to prevent the destruction of your weld from burn through. If your welder is being powered by excessively high voltage, simply adjust the output to a lower setting. If you have too fast a wire speed, adjust the wire speed to a slower setting. And if you are moving the gun too slow, increase your travel speed with the welding gun. Make sure to keep these three areas of welding in check, and you will not experience any burn through problems in the future.

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