What is a Flange Joint and How Do You Perform One?

When it comes to auto body patch panel installations, no joint is more useful than a flange joint. A flange joint is very similar to a lap joint except that the area that is overlapped on one of the metal pieces is lower than the rest, making both pieces at equal elevation when welding. When you are welding a flange joint, it can seem as though the weld doesn’t follow the path that you want it to. This is caused by a magnetic field that has formed around the tip of the stitch welder electrode. In order to overcome this, experiment with changing the angle of the electrode. Keep adjusting until you are able to get the weld bead where it should be.

If you want to check your progress on flange joints, hacksaw a practice piece crossways to check for the level of penetration and undercutting. Remember, it is important to always practice welding your flange joints on pieces of scrap metal before performing these welds in any permanent or professional capacity.

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