How Can I Control Warping While MIG Welding?

Sometimes, if you are welding two pieces of metal together, you might experience a warping of the metal surfaces. Warping can occur either if your material preparation is not performed correctly or if you make certain errors while welding. The three main ways you can warp metal materials when welding are: a lack of tack welds, the materials are not clamped together while welding, and if you have a poor welding technique. Below are various ways you can remedy these issues.

If your materials have a lack of tack welds, make sure to tack weld the pieces together in multiple places. This will keep the pieces from pulling apart during the welding process. If no clamping is your problem, use proper welding clamps to secure the pieces together to correctly form the shape to which they should be welded. If your materials are warping because your welding technique is suffering, it is important to incorporate incremental cooling stages during the process. Allow your workpiece to cool after welding small sections at a time. Do not weld an entire section all at once; try moving your welding sections around to different points of the workpiece. This way, the heat will be spread out throughout the piece, and the metal will not start to warp in any way. Keep these things in mind, and you will not have to worry about warping any more while your welding.

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