How to Clean a Detail Paint Gun

Detail spray paint guns are used for completing different kinds of automotive paint jobs, and if you use a detail paint gun often, it is very important that you know how to properly maintain and clean one. Below we go step by step on how to effectively clean your paint gun.

Disassembling Your Detail Gun

If you own a detail paint gun, it is important to understand is that your gun needs to be disassembled and cleaned after every usage. This will prevent any nasty blockage or deterioration, making the gun last longer and operate more effectively. Once you are finished using a detail gun for the day, you first need to pour out any paint that remains in the paint cup, wiping excess paint out with a cloth, and fill the cup up with water for water borne paints or solvent for solvent-based paints. Then, with the cup attached to your paint gun, point the gun towards a safe area and spray it until the liquid coming out is clear.

Once you remove the cup, remove the fluid control knob, which is the lower knob at the gun’s rear, by turning it counter clockwise. After removing the air cap, now remove the nozzle by unthreading it with the #10 hex in the wrench that is included with the gun. Once each principal piece is removed from the gun, it is time to move on to the cleaning stage.

Cleaning Your Detail Gun

Now that the appropriate parts have been removed from the gun, inspect the internal passageways of the gun for any remaining traces of paint. Use the small brush (part of Eastwood’s Master Gun Cleaning Kit) and some water for water borne paints, or solvent for solvent-based paints, to clean and rinse out each passage. Spray out any remaining fluids in the paint fun and prepare to reattach each part in the correct order.

First, thread the nozzle into its bore and fix it in place with the wrench’s #10 hex. Then, slide the needle back into its place and slide back the spring over the end of the needle. Finally, after threading the knob back on, thread the air cap onto the end of the gun making sure that the air horns are in the horizontal plane. Once that is done, you have successfully cleaned your detail paint gun, making it 100% ready to use for your next project.

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