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How to: MIG Weld

How to MIG Weld. “A grinder and paint makes a welder what he ain’t” – My dad So, you want to MIG weld? The first thing you’re going to have to do is start criticizing other people’s welds on the internet. This is the first step, and the best part […]

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Tech Tip- How to Reduce MIG Weld Spatter

MIG welding is a quick, strong way to weld metal and it works well for beginners to experts. One downside to MIG welding is that it produces a lot of sparks and spatter that can tend to stick to surrounding metal and clog the gas nozzle on your MIG welder torch. Read below as we show how to keep spatter from clogging your nozzle and from sticking to surrounding metal. 

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MIG Welding Duty Cycles

When you are using an arc welding machine, you will need to understand what its duty cycle is as it will help you preserve the life and quality of your tool. On this page, you will learn about what a duty cycle is and how it is relevant to MIG […]

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5 Beginners TIG Welding Tips

More so than MIG and ARC welding, TIG welding requires a lot more practice to be proficient in. There are a lot more ways to control the arc, puddle, and final outcome of your weld than with a MIG welder. Here are 5 tips that are essential to keep in […]