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How to: MIG Weld

How to MIG Weld. “A grinder and paint makes a welder what he ain’t” – My dad So, you want to MIG weld? The first thing you’re going to have to do is start criticizing other people’s welds on the internet. This is the first step, and the best part […]

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MIG welder with spool gun

If you’re looking for an all around amazing welder look no further than our Eastwood MIG 175.  This unit has the ability to run flux core and solid core welding wires for welding steel and stainless steel and even comes with an included spool gun for aluminum welding. I’ll start […]

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MIG Welding Basics- Can You MIG Weld Aluminum

As welders get better and better for the money more people are taking to learning how to weld at home. A common question we get is if you can weld aluminum with a MIG welder. The short answer is “yes you can weld Aluminum with a MIG welder.” There are a few necessary steps you need to take when welding aluminum with your MIG welder.