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How to Apply Seam Sealer for a Factory Appearance

Attention to detail is key when it comes to a quality restoration, and one often-overlooked aspect is the application of seam sealer. This essential compound not only seals gaps and joints but also ensures a seamless transition between panels. Depending on the vehicle you’re restoring, its seam sealer may have […]


How to Paint a Bumper Using Single Stage Paint

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can use single-stage paint to make a body repair, this video might help. Eastwood product manager Ryan shows how he repaints the rear bumper on his GTI using Eastwood’s single-stage OEM Select paint. Unlike base coat/clear coat paint systems, this single-stage paint incorporates the […]


Who Determines What’s Cool, Classic, or Collectible?

The term “classic vehicle” conjures up different images for different people. For some it may be ’63 Stingray coupe or a ’57 Thunderbird convertible. For others it may be a ’32 Ford 5-window coupe a Depression-era Dusenburg. Still others might lean towards something like a Porsche 356 Speedster or Jaguar […]

BMW coupe in primer awaiting paint

When to Use Epoxy Primer on Your Project

There can be a lot of confusion around primers when it comes to painting a vehicle. Do I start with self-etch, urethane, or polyester? What do terms like DTM or 2K mean? Can I spray primer on top of existing paint or do I have to get to bare metal? […]


The True Cost of a Professional Restoration

There’s a reason so many people choose to restore a classic vehicle on their own. Spoiler alert: it’s not usually for the pure joy of it. Fact is, a proper restoration takes not only time, space, and tons of skill, but also countless tools and equipment. And all of that […]


How To Replicate Factory Spot Welds With Your MIG Welder

We often say restoring a vehicle involves more than just taking it apart and putting it back together. A true restoration often requires meticulous attention to detail. Replicating the appearance of factory spot welds when replacing body panels is one such detail. But what if you don’t have a proper […]