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Custom Hood Modifications- Converting a Multi-Piece Hood to One Piece

One thing that I’ve planned to customize on Project Pile House from day one was the hood. The hood on the truck is a “butterfly” (as I call it) style hood and was a design that Dodge rolled over from 30’s and 40’s trucks. I have taken a 50’s custom type approach to this truck and that style hood wasn’t going to flow. I decided to disassemble the hood and convert it to a one-piece hood.

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How to build a Custom Motorcycle Seat

The custom motorcycle hobby is HUGE, it isn’t just Harley Davidsons that are being modified these days. Enthusiasts are building custom motorcycles out of anything they can get their hands on. One thing that everyone seems to have an opinion on is what their seat should look AND feel like. […]

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How NOT To Restore Your Car

Writer Peter Cheney at Toronto’s “The Globe and Mail” has written an amusing column that auto restoration enthusiasts like us can really appreciate. It’s called “An Idiot’s Guide To Automotive Un-Improvement”, and it guides you in how NOT to ruin a car restoration. A link to the complete column is […]