The welding has begun

Busy with some other projects, I haven’t touched this for almost a week. We got back into it today. After cutting the firewall open even more for added space, we were able to roll the chassis back into place so the wheels are centered in the wheel wells. Our next job is to tackle making plates in the cab for where the mounts will rest. The front mounts are the main concern as the floor around the original points is quite crunchy…

We decided to cut some steel plate and tie the cab mount plates into the front door pillar for added strength. It may be overkill, but at least I can rest easy when driving the hell out of it! Below is the first plate we added with the help of the Eastwood MIG 175 and the Versa Cut Plasma Cutter. More to come this week.


  1. Have a 64 SS Malibu that was being trailered to ID from AK when I went off a 45ª embankment and now needs to have rear quarters and a roof. I have a roof from a 65 but the quarters are rusted. Interested:? I’ve had the car for 32 years, (more than my daughter), did a frame up and had everything to finnish it except paint and rubber. Interested in assisting? Also should replace trunk pan as in 81 I welded in a couple of plates as the rear ant was missing and with a rug in the trunk there was some rust there. Has a touch of rust that appeared last year in rr wheel opening but that is all and was a straight car till the ALCAN. Ron

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