Building Cab Mounts

After getting the cab mount brackets welded to the cab on Pile-House, we next had to decide what height the cab would sit at. After raising and lowering the cab and chassis to get an idea of what the optimum ride height would be, we found we had to make some ” cab risers”. These will space out the floor of the cab and the cab mount brackets on the frame to match the desired ride height.

With some 3″ 3/16″ wall box tubing and some 1/8″ plate, we fabricated “risers” to get the cab sitting the correct height off of the chassis. It was all welded together then with the Eastwood MIG 175. Finally, I cleaned and sealed the part with our After Weld Spray to keep it from flash rusting before I get it painted.

Next is to weld the baseplates of the risers to the cab mount plates we welded into the cab floor. We are planning to both plug weld and lap weld these pieces together for a strong joint. Once we have these fabricated, the rear cab mounts should be a matter of replacing the tired old rubber with new mounts, and the cab will be a “bolt-on” affair. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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