The bare chassis is exposed.

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, we’ve been very busy over the past week! Above you can see a quick video of what I’ve been up to since the last post. We’ve been working on getting the old Dodge body off of the chassis. We will be using the chassis for product testing quite a bit in the near future while I begin my search for a donor chassis to set the Dodge body back on. Stay tuned! Also! If anyone knows of a cheap, good running, standard cab-short bed Dodge Dakota or Chevy S10 in the Mid-Atlantic, shoot us a line!

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3 thoughts on The bare chassis is exposed.

  • cool project i have a ’53 dodge pick up had it since ’77. theyre great to drive sittin in the big cab. my original is a flat head 6 and 6volt sys. was asking if you may have the starter for that and would you be interested in selling it. i’ve been looking for one bout 10 years now no luck.

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