Eastwood Pre Green Painting Prep: The New Cowboy In Town.

But is it any better than the old sheriff?

The good,
Eastwood Pre Painting Prep and Eastwood Pre LOW VOC are two of my favorite products. The secret sauce in this stuff works great for cleaning (pretty much) anything around the shop. Pre is perfect for oils, dirt, fingerprints, grease, silicone, waxes, polishing compounds, salts, soluble oils, cutting fluid, and more. Since Pre leaves no residue, it’s meant to be the final step in cleaning a metal part for a paint or powder application. Everything I’ve painted or powder coated since starting at Eastwood has been cleaned with a good dose of Pre beforehand, and its never let me down.
Here’s one example of many: The Easiest and STRONGEST Paint for your Wheels! Eastwood 2K AeroSpray Wheel Paints

The original PRE Painting Prep.

The bad,
Now, that’s not to say that Pre doesn’t have downsides. The original formula for Pre isn’t available for sale in California due to its VOC (volatile organic compound) content. It also comes with health risks. You shouldn’t get Pre on your skin or inhale it. You should always wear the “chemistry class” safety goggles because you really don’t want to get this stuff in your eyes. You should also be extremely careful around anything that could ignite Pre, as this is an extremely flammable, pressurized aerosol. 

and the ugly.
Wao wao wao, nyum nyum nyum
Here’s the Original Formula’s Safety Data Sheet for some not-so-light reading: EW10041Z Eastwood PRE Painting Prep AerosolUSA

Eastwood PRE Green Painting Prep; Gallon, Tub of 200 lint-free wipes, quart.

Enter the Mysterious Stranger.

You have no idea how long I’ve waited to make this “Eastwood” joke. 

So here it is, the new cowboy in town, and his partners. Eastwood Pre Green Painting Prep. It comes as a quart with a spray nozzle, a gallon, and a tub of 200, pre-soaked, lint-free wipes. This stuff is just as great at removing oils, dirt, grease, and more. Interestingly, it comes with some new tricks to really lay down the law…

Alkaline and Water-Based
What makes this product “green?” Firstly, this is an alkaline formula rather than an acidic one. The PH is going to be between 12 and 12.3. This also isn’t in an aerosol, which is more environmentally friendly. It’s also not solvent-based, but it’s water-based instead, which makes it perfect for not only cleaning a surface before paint or powder application, but can also be used after paint and powder have been applied, and even in-between coats. With no worrying about any leftover solvent slowly eating its way through your coating. 

Also, since Pre Green is water-based, you can dilute it. Combine that with a non-aerosolized pressure sprayer to easily tackle bigger jobs.

No Stink
The first thing you’ll probably notice about Pre Green is that it doesn’t stink. There’s no ammonia or acetone smell like with other cleaners. More impressively, the formula doesn’t have any terpenes or fragrances added to it. It just doesn’t smell. That’s great, not just for me, but the smell doesn’t leak into the house from my attached garage, so the family doesn’t complain about the stink. More importantly, I like the fact that this stuff doesn’t give me a headache after prolonged exposure.

Non-Caustic and Non-Flammable
Pre Green is also non-flammable, of course. So there are no worries about having this in the garage around welding sparks, space heaters, or electrical components. Another big advantage to Eastwoods newest gunslinger is the fact that it’s non-caustic. That means that it cannot chemically burn organic tissue. Which is a nice piece of mind. I do still wear gloves while using Pre Green because it does dry my hands out. 

Pre Green is formulated to strip oils (even the natural oils found on skin)

California Legal and Made in the USA.
We’ve heard all of our friends that headed west for the gold rush asking for our original Pre-Painting Prep, and we’re thrilled to say that Pre Green is 50 state legal, passes SCAQMD Certification, and is available for sale in California. Last, but certainly not least, is the little American flag on the label. Pre-green is proudly made right here in the USA.

The Clint, to our Eastwood.

Here’s the video for this topic: 50-State Compliant Pre Green Painting Prep – Best Way To Prep for Paint & Powder – Eastwood 

As always, thank you for reading,
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