Can You Paint Over Self Etching Primer?

It’s no secret that self etching primer is one of the best options for sealing up metal and keeping a barrier between bare metal and the moisture that tries to rust the metal! Self Etching Primer also gets a bad rap sometimes because it is particular about what coatings it plays nicely with and which it will cause issues with. Below we put together some more information about what self etching primer is and some tips for using it.

What Is Self Etching Primer?

Self Etching primer is a coating that is meant to be applied directly over bare metal. It uses a combination of acid and zinc in its formula. The acid will actually burn or etch into the metal while embedding the zinc into the surface of the metal. This ensures good adhesion and rust prevention. All Self Etching Primers use this basic principle.

Can You Paint Over Self Etching Primer?

Self Etching primer can in fact be painted over but you need to closely follow the manufacturers application and top coat guide. As a rule of thumb Self Etching Primers need another coat of primer over them to fully seal everything up long term. We suggest using a Urethane Primer over the self etching primer as a barrier between the self etching primer (Do not use Epoxy over Self Etch). Urethane primer can be top coated with most coatings so you will immediately eliminate any worries of adhesion issues with your top coat.

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