Which Rust Product Goes where?

Since we carry a number of types of rust products I figured it time to write a quick article to help distinguish the differences.   Let’s start with the product for the heaviest rust possible, we’re talking about the frame that probably should be media blasted but you have no access too and need to get your ride back on the road.

Eastwood Rust Converter

Here is where our Rust Converter comes into play and is available in three sizes to cover you no matter your needs.  As you can see in the picture on the bottle the rust is 100% covering the part, no bare metal or paint left.   Rust Converter actually needs rust to react with to do its job.  In the event you get some on an area which is bare metal or paint you are okay.  First you’ll want to let the product dry and convert the rust to a black paintable surface.  From here you can come back to the ares in which you don’t want converter and wipe it off with acetone.  Now that we have the rust converted it’s time to jump to our next product in line.

Eastwood Rust Encapsulator-Paint Over Rust   Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Platinum

Our Eastwood Rust Encapsulator is perfect to cover areas in which converter was used or also light to mild surface rust and bare metal.  This option now comes in two versions, the original, which has been a staple of our business for years and our newly launched  Platinum Encapsulator for 3 times more rust fighting power.   Both options are great and you can’t go wrong.  It really just comes down to how much you’re doing and what you would like to accomplish.


Internal Frame Coating              Internal Frame Coating


Now that we have talked about stopping the external rust you can get to let’s change gears and go inside.  Internal areas are so incredibly hard to get to and stop the rust.  We bring to you our Eastwood Internal frame coating.    Each Spray can comes with a 2 foot hose which features a spray nozzle at the end which sprays in a radial spray pattern to cover everything.   The only prep necessary for this product would be to try and blow compressed air down the frame or enclosed areas you wish to use internal frame coating.  This will knock any loose rust chunks free and blow out dirt which would stop the product from working.


Eastwood's Rust Dissolver       



Now that we have covered larger items let’s talk about things that can be dipped.  Our Eastwood Rust Dissolver is perfect for anything you can dip.   We have even created “tubs” if you will out of a form and plastic sheeting to dip large items such as an old dash.  One of the great features of this product is how it is reusable.  Pretty much you’ll see when it stops working and know it is time for replacement.  Generally you get about 5 SQ FT or rust removal per quart.   We hope this helps you pick out your next great rust fighting product from Eastwood.com. 

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