How to Make a Pattern of Complex Shapes

When restoring or customizing a vehicle it can be difficult to make a patter of a complex or compound shape on the car with simple hand tools. Most vehicles have compound curves that have shape in all directions and can dip and dive and change shape drastically over a short distance. Think of the front nose of a 50’s car around the headlights where the headlight mounting around quickly comes to shape all while the bulbous fender bulges out around it. If you need to repair this area and want to make a pattern of the shape how would you do it?

Adjustable Profile gauges are tools that both professionals and DIYers use to make sure the left and right sides match when repairing wheel arch profiles, fixing bodywork contours or forming custom panels. Our contour gauges contain more than 16 nylon blades per inch to assure faithful reproduction of even the finest details. A magnetic backing holds them in place while creating a metal pattern and provides convenient storage between projects. We offer a 5-inch, 10-inch and 15-inch contour gauge for repair and restoration projects of all sizes. The gauges also interconnect with each other to create an even wider pattern.

We suggest adding numerous sets of these to your tool box for saving multiple shapes during a project or comparing left to right when making or repairing a vehicle. You can find these gauges and more precise measuring equipment on our site HERE.

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