Zits in the powder

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    Hello everyone.

    I’ve built a 5×3 oven out of cement backer board. I’m using a LP forced air heater. Did two test pieces in it and got what looks to be “zits”. Not alot but a few. I assumed it was the heater picking up dust from the oven construction. So a through sweeping took place and refired two more pieces. One was intentionally sprayed light with powder and the other I thought was a bit heavy.

    No “zits” on either of the second batch parts. But I just want to make it was the dust from the backerboard causing the problem. Is there another cause for “zits”?

    Secondly How do you clean your Eastwood hobby gun? Looks like I need some type of brush to get inside the barrrel and clean it out? I suppose pipe cleaners are in order for the three small tubes.



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