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Posted: June 10, 2012 By: 46fordphil

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    I am working on a ’50 Ford hood currently and have encountered a problem I’m not sure how to handle. In the mid-portion of the hood on one side there is what appears a broad dented area. It is fairly large and its problem is that it has what I call an ‘oil-can’ effect in that when I push the dented area back into a normal position, it will remain for a moment but then pop back to the recessed condition. So far the hood has been sand blasted, epoxy primed, and has a good level of hi-build primer on it. The dented area at the deepest point is ~1/8 to 1/4″ deep. I have learned that one would prefer not to fill in a large area such as this, but I am not able to straighen out the defect. I have begun filling with Extreme Rage filler trying to gradually fill the defect. Bad idea? Would you suggest another process. I have tried the hammer/dolly methods without success. There is just such an expanse of metal that is unsupported, that I see no other alternative. Your thoughts would be appreciated. phil w.

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