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    Im in the process of customizing and restoring a 1970 El camino. So far I’ve completly stripped the interior, pulled the 350ci engine and auto tranny and disassemble the suspension. Being 18 years old I don’t have an endless supply of money but I got big plans for this car. In the works I’m going to re-wire the car with a painless performance kit, repair small imperfections and holes in the interior floor pan, encapsulate and paint the entire interior, put an SS interior (black on black), custom seats and all the goodies, sand down entire front frame and firewall (the rest of the underbody is already restored), drop a 2002 LS1 engine with a T-56 6 speed, and I’m doing Air ride Tech suspension all the way around with a shockwave front end and tubular arms, and a cool ride rear end with new trailing arms. The body is in great shape but the paint was poorly applyed. My plans for that is to replace the hood with an SS fiberglass hood, and buy a new tailgate assembly due to it rusting out on the bottom, and the final touch of a new paint job (two tone dark blue). This is deffinetly a work in progress but I plann on having the car drivable by the end of the summer for sure. If anyones got any interesting suggestion or comments I’m all for it.

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