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    OK so we have mentioned a few times how much powder to do this job or that. So I decided to start keeping track. I shot 4 rims 15×6 four spokes 360 degrees ( all the way around not temp). I used 14 OZ of Ford Dark Blue powder from a 2 pound container so I have 18 OZ or 1 pound 2 OZ if you prefer left over. I checked 3 new bottles from EW and all 3 were the same wieght so they seem to be pretty consistent on how much is really in each bottle. I use EW hobbie guns. I shoot to waste. And I spray heavy. By keeping track I hope to be better able to know if I can do a job with powder on hand or if ordering new is needed before beginning. I’m also hoping this will be useful to others. For the above scenario I would still buy 2 pounds to be safe. It is cheaper than 1 1/2 pounds by the 1/2 pound and 2 OZ is not much of a buffer zone if you need to recoat a rim.

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