Yet more SS chrome questions *pics*

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    Paulie B

    Hi guys I’m new here but have been painting, polishing, and P/C’in for a few years. I consider myself an experienced amateur.

    I made up a set of foot pegs for my most recent project a Yamaha Banshee.
    I sandblasted them with ‘000’ silica, Pre’ed them and shot them with the single stage chrome.
    I followed the directions on the jug to the T (450 until flowout 400 for 20min. after).
    As expected they came out very nice.
    I know from experience that this is not really a single stage powder and will need to be cleared because a different set of pegs I did tarnished to a dull silver after a couple months.
    I read somewhere about re-curing them at 375 for 50 minutes will cure them alot better and make the clear not dull them as much is this true?

    Also I did my swingarm in SSC and cleared them with krylon gloss clear.
    Pretty much it is silver now with basically no chrome effect.

    Is there a particular clear that is best.
    THANKS!!!- Here’s the pics .

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