Yes, Even I have issues (go figure)

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    So I outgas, blast, sand and coat this Mercedes wheel in SD Wet White, 2 coats, than 2 coats of Diamond Acrylic clear and looked good out of the oven. When I get in the sunlight, there are milky pinkish splotches all over it. Baby sat it good as to not over cure it, no more than 332 on a 325 cure schedule. Its not yellow, the usual indication of overcure on clear. I shot some motorcycle wheel as the same time , same powder, no issue (though I havent cleared them). Someone said it might be residual red left in the hose or gun, but this was shot with my new HS02 and no red was in the gun yet. Any ideas on what may have caused this and what my remedy is. I’m thinking that since it is sealed in clear now, can I just shoot another coat of white over the clear and then another clear coat. These are the wheels the customer wanted 4 coats of clear on that just aint going to happen. It’ll end up with 4 coats of white and one of clear if this works. Camera down so no pics of it.

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