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    I just finished this alum steering wheel in 2 tone. I had to hot flock the spokes @ 6 times 😮 before I figured out ( for me anyway ) that @ 150 or less work the best for me and my hobby gun. The hotter the part the more the pc blew AWAY from the part! After all that “flocking around” was the white already partially cured? :confused: , cause I finally got good coverage and cured for 20 min at 400 and it came out a nice cream color…burnt! All you “hot flockers” out there, do you add the times you are in and out of the oven and subtract from the total cure time needed? I prob had it in the oven for @ 10 min total with all that dickin around before the final cure cycle. At times I had the part up to 300+, more heat, better cov…NOT!. Would lowering the temp for cure to 375 like clear for 20 min have worked better?? One last ques, If I reshoot white back over the yellowed pc, will it cover the yellow? If so, how long should it cure and ? temp?? Thanks, Bob

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