Yee Haw, Compressor back up

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    I was able to get what looks exactly like the gasket material the old gasket was made of at the local auto parts store for $5. I took what was left of the old gasket and traced it onto the new material. Fortunately the gasket was symetrical and I could turn it over to get the full trace as there wasnt much of the old one left. I punched out the bolt holes, cut out the piston hole (to small), bolted the gasket down to the block , then trimmed the piston hole with a knife, cut out the outline, sprayed with Copper Coat sealer, bolted it up and installed a new pressure relief valve while I was at it and she is running like a charm now, what a relief. Photos show sequence of events.
    Old gasket:
    New material in progress:
    Bolted down ready to trim:
    Gasket ready for install:

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