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    dry air makes!!!!!
    I have had this regulator for about 6 months, but it leaked a little (since new, out of the bottom drain at high pressure):

    I finally got around to contacting EW, and even though it had been a while and wasn’t under a warranty, they agreed to let me return it.

    I ordered this one, and planned to return the first after getting the new one:

    Its the air dryer with regulator.

    In the meantime, I threw away the paper that I wrote the RA number on, so instead of calling, I decided to just use the first in my powder booth for a little extra protection, since it was easier than packing up anyways.

    I knew I always had a little moisture in my lines, but my blast cabinet worked adequately. Just had to clear the hose occassionally. With this new regulator, my blast cabinet is like a whole new tool! What used to take 20 minutes to blast, now takes 5. It was definitely $400 well spent!

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