Wow, just like a new machine!

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    I’ve owned a 60″ blast cabinet for about six months, but I could never get the results I’d hoped from it, seemed no better then the smaller cab. I’ve taken it apart before, but never completely in an effort to solve the problem, thinking maybe it was media bridging or humidity in the media…etc. It was just so painfully slow and never seemed to spit out an awful lot of media to get the job done I spent more time behind the shop in my ‘moon suit’ blasting in the heat, sun and humidity with my pot blaster. 😡

    Well today I got fed up and took the blast cab’s nozzle completely apart. Wouldn’t you know, there was a mesh screen in there all balled up way on down inside, clogging the gun allowing only about 25% flow. It was a shifty little thing that you could only find if you stuck something in there probing for a blockage.

    What a difference!! What a MORON! 😮 This thing works great now! I did a pair of header pipes in 10 minutes! Look awsome!!


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