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    Hi Steve!

    The following opinion was posted in a thread entitled “Using the Kafka for “other” work” in the Stripekult Pinstriper’s Forum. I would really like to hear your opinion on the subject.

    I dont want to come off as a know it all cause i dont.BUT,if everybody and their brother becomes a “pinstriper” using the Kafka like a dagger problems are a coming.For a new guy to slop some spider on crack designs with that brush will take him very little practice,for the same guy to do that with a long Mack will take alot longer.I have used the Kafka for 2.5 years to do what it was ment for.A overloaded stroke putting plenty of material in the line.People use it as a sword will allow it to go to thin using it at the sword angle.The brush works on a steep angle to the surface for scroll,therefore unloading fast a decent mix ratio.
    Use it as a sword reqiures not loading it so fat and to thin the paint so it comes out of the brush on a roughly 45 degree angle and the brush will be more likely to act like a sword but will have to be thinner to unload properly to make a decent line.

    Now,my real point:
    Do a deasin on a surface you dont care about with the Kafka(sword style)thin it as you need to make it work.
    Now do a design with your old trusty blue or green wrap using the proper ratio to make that brush pull good lines.
    Let both panels fully cure a few days.now place them over running water and use 600 wet dry sand paper and start sanding.Take a wild guess as to which one will start to “vanish” first!!Yeah the Kafka one will,it cant run a line like a sword nore is it a sword.The sword or dagger will carry a thicker load bar none.
    Am i dogging the Kafka????NO!!!I love the brush but use it for what it is for.Even those looooong “Rails” Steve pulls are thin,but he often double coates them long ones.

    People are putting out cheap thin jobs and new guys will be jumping all over the round ferrell bandwagon thinkin their stripers.Its not making pinstriping any easier,it cheapens it.Like i said the brush has a purpose but using it for a pinstriping brush is a cheesy way to go.

    I could be totally wrong on all this?????I am a nut anyway who knows.

    What is your opinion on this Steve??



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