Working with, and repairing carbon fiber

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    Mark H

    Hi all. New to Shop Talk. This is my first post. I’m looking for some advise. I’m the crew chief for a Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) GT-1 Class road race car. It’s a purpose-built tube frame car with a carbonfiber over-body. I’m sure there are others in this forum who are involved in racing in some way and, if so, you know that “rubbing is racing”. Contact with other cars and with barrier materials inevitably results in body damage. You rivet and reinforce until, finally, you must break down and repair or replace panels. As carbonfiber replacement panels are prohibitively expensive for our race program, we need to become somewhat proficient in repair. Can anyone recommend some quality literature on the subject of carbonfiber repair? :confused: Any tips, tricks, cautions, or encouragement would also be welcome. Thanks.

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