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    Got another question not answered in a search. I am going to be building an oven once I decide on a 8x4x4, or 4x4x7. I plan on using at least 4 oven elements, if not 6. My question is, can I run this off of 1-220 outlet? I know some people are using a dedicated 100 amp service box which is another idea as well. Right now I have 220 coming in the garage, into a 100 amp box. From there I have a 220 for the compressor, and 220 for my current oven, and then I believe 4-110’s going out to various switches, and outlets. I know how to hook up wires, but I don’t know my limits. If need be, I planned on running a 220 piggyback off the 220 I have coming in, to a dedicated 100 amp box just for the oven. This would free up a 220 off the current box in the garage. Does this sound doable to anyone?

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