Wipe down betwen coats?

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    I had a few parts that came out with a little orange peel. Since they were very large pcs, I decided to wet sand them, and then clear coat the parts to repair the defects. The wet sanding was easy. Looked good.

    I was concerned there might be oily finger prints on the part and wiped down very quickly with actone in the area I’d worked, and immediately knew I had a problem, when the surface got that rubber feeling to it – it was melting. And I’d only run a damp rag over it quickly. I waited hours before shooting the clear to see if it’d help, then cured the part. The clear frosted badly where I’d used the acetone. So…ok, no acetone on powdered parts, period. I’m pretty sure they were not undercured. My question is, what else whould be used to insure oily fingerprints and other residue are off the part before applying another coat?

    Has anyone used windex or soapy water…etc?

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