Windshield scratch removal help!

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    I recently purchased a Eastwood Glass Polishing Kit, Item #40011 and had an opportunity to try it. I purchased an electric buffer/polisher, capable of speeds from 1000 to 3000rpm’s, soaked the buffer for 30 minutes, and mixed the compound to a gravy consistency. Before buffing, the scratchs would not hang a finger nail when dragged over the area, and the scratches looked milky white or translucsent in color. After buffing, the scratches appear clear when you look through them, but they also exhibit distortion in the scratch, not outside or around the scratch. The scratches are still visable, mainly head on, not so much from the side. The scratches are 1/8″ to 3/16″ wide depending on the location on the curve of the glass. I wasn’t certain if I polished too long, or not long enough? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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