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Posted: July 12, 2011 By: Kodawaste

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    I’m rebuilding a 1953 Chevy pickup and I’m a newbie to this area. The original cab I started with turned out to have so much rust damage, I bought a second cab that is relatively rust free. However, upon removing to windshields, I find I have quite a bit of rust through under the rubber windshield seals. I understand that I can remove the damaged area and replace it but I’m also a newbie to mig welding without a lot of confidence. These areas have some complex curves that make me wonder if I can replace them successfully. I do have donor cab from which I can get replacment patches. My questiion is: Since these areas are under the seal, can I simply use rust converter and sealer to repair the holes and then make sure that the gaskets are well sealed when I put the new ones in.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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