Windshield Rust on GM G-Bodies

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    Hi everyone,

    I know there are some other topics here dealing with rust around windshields, but I wanted to start a new one regarding GM G-body cars (78-87 Monte Carlo, Cutlass, Grand Prix, Grand Nationanl, Regal, etc.). I have an ’86 Grand Prix, almost mint IMO. It has no rust, except for a few tiny spots which I’m in the process of touching up, mostly where the exterior chrome trim had been slowly scraping away the paint. But that was relatively easy to fix.

    The problem now is some rust forming around the windshield and under the adhesive. I found it there after removing the trim pieces from around the windshield. Basically there are just a few localized spots, but a bit of bubbling too. I haven’t removed the windshield yet so I”m just describing what I can see. It’s also my driver car so I need to have it out of commission for as short as possible. Anyway, can anyone offer some advice or experience on fixing this sort of rust? I know I need to take out the glass (I need a new one anyway) and clean off the old sealant, but am not sure of what to do next. I don’t want to repaint the whole car (actually the roof has new paint).
    So what I was going to do was take out the windshield, fix up the rust, then have a guy install a new one. Here’s a few pictures too.


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