Wifes 64 Rear/ Leaf springs

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    As I had mention Last week I am restoring My wifes 64 Plymouth Valiant.
    (Thanks Sea Dog)
    I am getting to the point where I am sorting out the various things to go back together. I have been working on the gas tank and gas lines. Noticing my wifes rear leaf springs; they look out of place “they don’t look good”. The entire underneath has been painted and coated with under coating and look pretty good! Something has to be done to the springs! Mechanically the springs are “OK”. The springs have the original plastic/vinyl sliders. My question for You today is:After I take the springs apart; what do I do next to take care of the rust and what product to use on the indivigual leafs that will allow them to slide, function and look good?

    Commander One 54

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