Why not use 3/4 sch 40 PVC for air lines

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    I was in our local hardware store yesterday to pick up some fittings to build my hopper. I was also browsing and was looking at the plumbing pipe. I noticed on the 3/4″ sch 40 PVC the pressure rating was 600 psi at 73 degrees. and the CPVC (hot or cold pipe) was rated at 4?? psi at 73 degrees.
    So why couldn’t a person use the pvc pipe for air lines?
    The pvc will not rust. Yes a person would need to have a few more supports on the line but they are cheap. Would need to connect to the tank with a short rubber line to keep down viberation (but that needs to be done when using metal lines also).
    What would be the problem?

    PS: When plumbing Inspectors test a new house. It has air in the lines and a guage to test of leaks.

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