Why is my Eastwood welder not feeding?

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    So, first off this time of year is when my stuff sells the best and I am entirely out of product. I was making some and the wire stopped feeding interrupting my bead. I was running .035 flux core self shielding wire. And I’ve had problems before with slips and the trigger but nothing like that happened. The top roller stopped spinning and I took it off and it was not jammed or anything but it looked like the roller was rubbing against the side of the inner part of the machine. There is a lisp that the bottom one is up against and that seems to be the problem. So I played with it for about 3 hrs and nothing everything else worked fine. So any idea why this is happening? I’ve never had a problem with wire feed. I like the welder but it choose the worst time to have problems. I used to have a second hand Lincoln but it was old and didnt have infinite amperage control. I sold that and now I highly regret it.

    So is it possible to fix it? And if not or If I have to do a lot of modifications can I get my $300 back? I don’t have time to play with this as my important time of year is right on me and I have no time to spare.:confused::confused:

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