Why do we polish?

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    What’s the imperative? What is this underlying urge to make things shiny and smooth all about?

    What got me thinking about this is that it seems over the span of time that I’ve been doing polish work, I’ve had a number of people who have said that they don’t understand why somebody would go to all the trouble of doing it. I mean they appreciate the final results, but the response about the process of getting it there is usually along the lines of, “You just must be that kind’ve person.”

    There’s a twinge of excitement and the whole butterflies in the stomach feeling that overcomes me whenever I think about, talk about, or just do polishing that other people just…don’t…get.

    So I thought I’d ask my fellow brethren of the black art for insight.

    Why do you do it?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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